Month: June 2020

  • Repeated evolution of placental structures: Evolved, devolved, and re-evolved many times

    Obviously, evolutionary biologists believe in some kind of magic – it would be a miracle if such a placental structure would evolve once, by random unguided process without foresight, because placental structures require an interaction / cooperation of both, the mother and fetus. However, here we read, that the miracle happened many times. First, these […]

  • Repeated evolution: Despite biochemically complex, C4 photosynthesis evolved repeatedly more than 60 times

    Another miraculous stuff happened here, let me quote from a mainstream paper. Even the author finds the evolution of C4 photosynthesis ‘somewhat puzzling’ because it requires ‘dozen of genes’ to be changed simultaneously – the right way – in at least 60 evolutionary unrelated cases: Both C4 photosynthesis and CAM have evolved independently multiple times […]

  • Repeated evolution: Gastropod’s coiled shell

    from a mainstream paper: The re-evolution of a coiled shell, or any complex character, is considered unlikely or impossible (Dollo‚Äôs law) because the loss of the character is followed by the loss of the genetic architecture and developmental mechanisms that underlie that character. Here, we quantify the level of coiling in calyptraeids, a family of […]