Biological evolution is supposed to be a blind, purposeless process without foresight. How did so many of the same highly complex features evolve repeatedly and independently by random mutations?

Moreover, evolutionary biologists claim, that once a complex trait has been lost in evolution, it cannot be regained (Dollo’s law of irreversibility). Yet, there are many examples where Dollo’s law has been broken repeatedly … (e.g. shell coiling, lizards oviparity and so on … )

For those who disagree and insist that evolution is not a random process (e.g. natural selection is not random), let’s not forget, that in the first place, specific mutations that design these highly complex traits have to occur – RANDOMLY, and THEN ‘natural selection’ can select them.

Another problem is, that when a random mutation appears, NATURAL SELECTION doesn’t know what mutation comes as next … and somehow, like a miracle, all these mutations get selected, because they are ‘neutral’ – do not hurt, but later on all these mutations together re-create all these complex traits over and over again – in some cases, in the same moment/time period in the Earth’s history – which sounds even more like a miracle …